Nunnery Rumtek

(translated at no charge by Jens-U.H. Schweitzer)

Karma Chokar Dechen nunnery, Rumtek, Sikkim in India.
The nunnery in Rumtek has been founded in 1974 by the 16th Karmapa. The actual continuation is performed under the control of the 17th Karmapa Trinley Thaye Dorje.
Actually, 25 Nuns aged from 6 to 86 years live in this nunnery. The manageress is Ani Zoltren. The nuns study English, Tibetian and Buddhist Philosophy; they also learn how to manage the nunnery itself.

Right now, water is draining through the roofs of the living rooms and the Laktang. The walls are humid because of the raising humidity and the plastering is falling from the walls. There is mildewed humidity in all rooms.

The rainfall period in Sikkim lasts from June to September.
The actual condition of the buildings asks for an immediate renovation and we made a priority list:

1. Renovation of the flat roof
2. Drying of the walls and grounds by installing a drainage
3. Plastering of the walls and renovation of the electric installations
4. Sanitary facilities must be installed
5. Construction of additional rooms
6. Expansion of the kitchen and refectory
7. Construction of an access road
8. Inspection of the water supply
9. Planning of a solar energy installation
10. Construction of new classrooms and offices