Review – Visit Dupsing Rinpoche

Dear friends,

it’s already been some weeks since Dupsing Rinpoche delighted us with his visit in Essen. Time to look back on these three days and thank all those who helped and supported us. With your help it was possible for Dupsing Rinpoche to give explanations on compassion and wisdom in a wonderful atmosphere. In addition we received an empowerment of Chenrezig and joyfully meditated together.

Dupsing Rinpoche in Essen (2016)            Duspsin_Rinpoche_Besuch_2_resize

Next year, Dupsing Rinpoche is planning to visit the Ruhrgebiet again to teach Buddha Dharma. We, Helping Hands World e.V. would be delighted to welcome you again.

Everyone who would like to help organize the event and support us on the days of Rinpoche’s visit, please contact us via

We hope that you accumulated a lot of joy and inner wealth due to Dupsing Rinpoche’s visit and thank all helpers form the depth of our hearts for their good work.

Helping Hands World e.V.